Mette Family Ministries





Mette Family Ministries exists  to promote the beauty of the Catholic faith in a modern context using unique experiences. 

We also provide a living witness of the joy of a relationship with Christ and to invite others into that same relationship.



Our Programs


Evening Concerts

The events are somewhere between a rock concert and a parish mission, providing 90 minutes of entertainment, catechesis, and opportunities for prayer.

Parish missions

Michael and Michelle provide 3 night parish missions focusing on faith, family, and work.

Couple's Retreats

A morning of reflection for married couples and those preparing for marriage.


keynotes & workshops

Michael and Michelle speak on a variety of topics including:

- 10 ways to use music in ministry

- What's Your Story?  Evangelizing through developing a testimony.

- Balancing Family and Ministry.

Confirmation Retreats

Michael and his daughters Gabriella, Trinity, & Charity provide excellent experiences in a confirmation retreat.

Praise and Worship

The band, MJM7 can provide musical opportunities to enter into prayer through praise and worship music.

Michael’s concerts are a great opportunity to bring together the whole community without barriers... it appeals to both Anglo and Hispanic communities. It’s an event where everyone can join together to praise and worship the Lord through the universal language of music.
— Fr. Ivan Ascencio, St. Joseph Waxahachie, TX


Board of Directors


michael james mette, president

Michael has a BA in Theology from Quincy University as well as 15 years experience in Catholic Ministry.  For the past 5 years, he has toured the country presenting concert experiences with his family.

Greg wasinski

Greg holds a Certificate in Scriptural Catholic Theology from John Paul the Great University in Escondido, CA. Greg is an Catholic Christian Inspirational Speaker and Author and president of Let Me Be Ministries, Inc.. 



michelle Mette, treasurer

Michelle has a BA in Management from Abilene Christian University as well as 8 years experience in Catholic ministry.  For the past 5 years she has coordinating the logistics of touring.  Michelle also presents retreats and workshops nationally with her husband, Michael. 

Brian Niebrugge

Brian Niebrugge has served the Archdiocese of St. Louis as the Executive Director of Stewardship and the Annual Catholic Appeal since 2010. Mr. Niebrugge holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business.  

Mr. Niebrugge and his family belong to St. Margaret-Mary Alacoque Parish in Oakville.



Theresa l petersen, secretary

Theresa has recently retired after 30 years as a civil engineer.  She has 25 years experience sitting on several non-profit boards, with secular and Catholic. She has a lifetime of volunteering in the Catholic church. 



live events

Michael is both professional and deeply spiritual. He worked with nearly thirty priests each summer, and each commented on how rich the beauty and participation was in our singing under his leadership.
— Dcn. Dana Nearmeyer, Director of Evangelization Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas




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